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Search Results to Go Social with Bing


Bing and Ping: Share Search Results on Facebook and Twitter

Microsoft let everyone know about a forthcoming feature of their new search engine today. Bing and Ping, as they’ve lovingly dubbed it, will let you easily share search results with your friends on and Twitter as well as by email.

At least at first, the sharing tools will only be available for searches that invoke “Instant Answers.” The examples given were football scores and airline flights, with other time-sensitive data and scenarios like stock prices, movie times, weather results and more also invoking that type of search.

Underneath the Instant Answer results from your query will be a horizontal “sharing” bar with icons to send those results to friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.


The new feature isn’t live yet, but will reportedly be going into an invitation-only beta mode soon. To get in on the beta, become a fan of Bing on Facebook for a chance at an invite.

Since search has for so long been a primarily solitary activity, it’s almost hard to imagine how and under what circumstances you’d need to share the results quickly with people. Still, having the option would be nice and once available, we can see it becoming one of those features you’d quickly take for granted.

What do you think: would you use the option to share your search results? Will Google have to copy the idea if it takes off? Or will search remain primarily a solo activity after all?

via September 3, 2009 by Barb Dybwad

First there were organic search results. Then there were paid search results (now popularly called Sponsored ads). Next comes Social Search Results, according to Bing, who has announced its beta Bing and Ping coming initially to its Facebook fans. I do believe I see room on that social share bar for an ad!

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